Alenika Wool & Cotton started with our passion for outdoor. Being surrounded by nature is for us like feeling at home. The nature in its infinite forms and colours inspires us every day, gives us peace and harmony, and makes our live truly vivid.

That is why we adore organic products. We believe that our essentials should originate from nature as much as possible. Yet, we find it difficult nowadays to isolate from the aggressive intrusion of synthetics, especially at home.

This project started with the sole purpose to deliver to you high quality, pure organic products. Not only that… We dare to say that we deliver a mystic experience and intense sensation. Hard to find elsewhere. Products, crafted with love and care, with exceptional attention to details, shaped by old tradition and accustomated to easily blend with your contemporary live. Products with history, aimed to remain the years to come.

We come from Bulgaria. Small piece of land blessed with beautiful mountains, gorgeous valleys and divine seashores. A crossroad of many civilizations, local people retained the knowledge of weaving and lovingness of textile.

We inherited the love for fabrics from our ancestors. We grew up surrounded by textiles and kilims. We know well the gentle and warm embrace of woollen blanket in winter and comfortable cosiness in summer nights.

Today few family-owned mills in Bulgaria preserve the old tradition of weaving.  We carefully select our manufacturers and partner with those who share our passion and values.

Alenika Wool & Cotton is dedicated to 100% natural textiles. We want to share with you not only piece of nature but a tiny touch of true emotion and deep feeling of connection with tradition.



Alenika Wool & Cotton products are manufactured with love in the heart of the magical Rhodopes Mountain Bulgaria. The design unites traditional patterns with modern themes and colors.

Our products are made from woolen and cotton yarns produced in Bulgaria, sheared from selected sheep breeds and harvested from ecological cotton fields. The fabrics are locally dyed ensuring bright and intense colors. Finer fabrics like Merino, Alpaca, Cashmere and Camel wool are imported from abroad to add distinct style of our products.

The production resembles the era of post-industrial revolution from second half of 20th century. Rusty mechanical spinners and flying shuttle looms are right there to make noise same as back then. Many operations are still performed manually by local artisans mastering the process of weaving.

Each new woven blanket is washed in fulling mill (tepavitsa) with mountain water to make the fibers interlock and enhance extra purity and softness.

Creativity and perseverance unfold from every single product and reveal its charm and beauty.