Wool care instructions

Wool is the original miracle fiber. It’s naturally stain, wrinkle and water-resistant, so our products rarely need cleaning. Dry cleaning is recommended. In fact the best way to refresh your woolens is the natural way: Simply shake or gently brush the woolens and hang them outdoors. Wool is naturally antibacterial.

Machine Wash Products

Cleaning wool is not difficult. You can allow the wool products to be cleaned by dry cleaning.

At home you can wash yourself, but then follow these advice:

      • Machine wash cold, separately, on a gentle cycle.
      • Machine wash cold, separately, on a gentle cycle.
      • You can also hand wash in cold water with a mild cleaning agent designed for wool. Do not use fabric softener.
      • Gebruik altijd een koude watercyclus (niet warmer zijn dan 30 graden)
      • Use wash programme without centrifugation. After washing, allow water to drain, and then the plaid is laid out on a horizontal surface
      • Don’t put your wool products in the dryer. Line drying taking care to rotate the woolen to prevent stretching. It should be constantly turned over so that the canvas can evenly dry. Otherwise, the plaid will get an unpleasant musty smell.
      • Finally – gently brush your wool blanket or plaid with a soft brush and it will be as good as new.